Child, Book, Tree


People say we should leave a sort of legacy to the world.  One may feel the need to build a home, a career, a community with members that really help each other.  Some have a strong desire to write to be read.  A few actually fulfill this desire.

A story is born long before it is written.  It lies within the inner life of the author, his/her experiences and fantasies about love, knowledge and the simplest things.

A book is the legacy of a voice.  Ten books can discuss The Civil War, knitting or success.  They are all different.  They own a unique tone.

Translating a novel, a dictionary or a research paper requires the same amount of attention to the original intentions, flow and richness.  Touching a creation is a great responsibility and a fine pleasure.  This way, thousands and thousands of distant voices are transmitted faithfully through all barriers.  Even beyond sound.